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Wedding Do's & Dont's

Over the last 17 years Barry and I have heard all manner of stories from brides and grooms both good and bad about planning their wedding. We have also had our own wedding experience to draw from so we have put together a list of the Top 9 Do's and Dont's when planning your wedding.  Hope it helps (if you can think of more, comment below) Plan your day your way - no matter who says what to you do it your way!   2. Get your other half involved - remember its not just your day     3. Choose bridesmaids dresses that actually flatter your bridesmaids, remember they were your friends before they were bridesmaids!     4....

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Showcase Ireland 2015

This year for the first time we exhibited at Showcase Ireland under the umbrella of the Dublin City LEO. For those of you not familiar with Showcase it is an annual trade only show that is organised by The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.  Once a year for four days the great and the good of Irish designer makers come together under one roof to show off their talents and sell their wares.                                                                                            This year was...

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Art Appreciation

Whilst I do love art in all its forms the one talent that continually amazes me is some peoples gift for drawing and painting, probably because I possess neither! I have put together in this blog some of the creations that still blow my mind, there are times when I cant believe that these are not photographic images.                                                                                                                            ...

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Some of the latest Wedding Trends from America

Just wanted to share some of the latest Wedding trends that are filtering through from the US this year. Brooch Bouquets -  these are a really pretty take on the traditional bouquet, I have seen them in De Stafford on Exchequer Street    Cute I Do crystal stickers for the soles of your shoes     Couture Birdcage Veils     Rustic Style Wedding Cakes   Whats your favourite?

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White Gold: What is it?

I have been asked so often about this subject that it prompted me to write this post about it. White gold is not a naturally occurring metal, it is made by alloying yellow gold in various proportions with other white metal alloys to create a "whitish" gold.   For example a very common grade of metal used in this country is 18ct white gold. 18ct white gold is made up of 18 parts of yellow gold and 6 parts of other white metal alloys. The finished metal is made up of 24 parts in total, 18 of which are yellow gold so naturally the finished product has a yellowish hue, this is the natural colour to 18ct white gold.  In...

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