#WearingIrish - A global social media initiave to promote Irish Design March 01 2017, 0 Comments

Margaret Molloy #WearingIrish


#WearingIrish is a social media initiative that is the brainchild of Margaret Molloy.  Margaret is an Offaly native and now the Global CMO of Siegel+Gale in NYC. Her passion for Irish fashion and design led her to create the #wearingirish initiative in March 2016  to promote and highlight the wealth of talent that Irish design has to offer.  It also led to her #Wearing Irish Designer Directory

Building on last years success, Margaret encourages everyone to participate by  taking a picture of yourself wearing Irish made fashion or accessories at least one day during the month of March and post it on your favourite platform, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #WearingIrish and tag the designer.

Its a great opportunity to showcase our homegrown talent and so easy to participate.  It doesn't have to be an expensive outfit or extravagant jewellery item, just make it Irish and wear it your way.  Don't forget the hashtag #WearingIrish

Heres one I did a little earlier wearing my new Cashmere wrap @MadiganDublin

Addrianna Doyle wearing MadiganDubin Cashmere


Happy March!!

You can follow Margaret Molloy @MargaretMolloy on Twitter & Instagram

Dont forget to check out the #WearingIrish Designer Directory


Novembers Birthstone - Topaz November 16 2015, 0 Comments

Topaz is the birthstone for November and is available in a rich variety of colours.

  The most prized Imperial Topaz is often confused with citrine quartz (yellow) and smoky quartz (brown), quartz and topaz are separate and unrelated mineral species.

It was named Imperial topaz after the Russian Czars of the 1800s and features a magnificent orange body color with pinkish undertones. Topaz also comes in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and the many popular blue tones.

Imperial Topaz Gemstone Oval

The very popular Blue Topaz come in the varieties, Sky, Swiss and London Blue, distinguishing between three very different colour shades. London blue being the most intense blue as seen below.

Silver claddagh with london blue topaz

Our Jewellery now at the British Museum November 12 2015, 0 Comments


We are delighted to announce that we are now stocked at the prestigious Grenville Room in The British Museum.

The Museum is running a specialist Celtic Exhibition, the first of its kind in Britain for 40 years. The exhibition will run until early 2016 and we are delighted several of our jewellery collections have been selected for both the Museum Shop and the Grenville Room

We will have to pop over for a look

Barry Doyle Jewellery at the British Museum



Wedding Do's & Dont's February 23 2015, 0 Comments

Over the last 17 years Barry and I have heard all manner of stories from brides and grooms both good and bad about planning their wedding. We have also had our own wedding experience to draw from so we have put together a list of the Top 9 Do's and Dont's when planning your wedding.  Hope it helps
(if you can think of more, comment below)
  1. Plan your day your way - no matter who says what to you do it your way!


2. Get your other half involved - remember its not just your day



3. Choose bridesmaids dresses that actually flatter your bridesmaids, remember they were your friends before they were bridesmaids!



4. Wear waterproof mascara- you know someone or something is bound to make you shed a tear.



5. Sometime during your day, take 5 minutes just to be together



6. If you are planning on losing weight - and we are not saying you need to! Do tell both your dressmaker and your wedding ring designer.  A stone in weight loss is likely to be a full ring size smaller never mind a dress size.



7. No matter how stressful it gets resist the temptation to vent on social media!



8. Don't forget to take a selfie.



9. Don't forget to say thanks and enjoy yourself, it will all be over before you know it.


Showcase Ireland 2015 January 25 2015, 0 Comments

This year for the first time we exhibited at Showcase Ireland under the umbrella of the Dublin City LEO. For those of you not familiar with Showcase it is an annual trade only show that is organised by The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.  Once a year for four days the great and the good of Irish designer makers come together under one roof to show off their talents and sell their wares.


This year was no different and by all accounts it was bigger and better that before.  It does the heart good to see the wealth of talent that we have on this little island of ours.  Skilled crafts people were widely represented at the show from weavers to knitwear designers, felters, ceramicists, wood turners, furniture makers, potters and of course jewellery designers.



From early on the morning before the show starts we are given access to the RDS to set up our stand.  Starting with a bare walled 2m x 2m pitch has its challenges but I think we managed to create an impressive space to showcase our jewellery collection. Even Michaél Martin stopped in for a chat.



Check us out on Monday the 26th on RTE's Nationwide programme, they did a feature on us in the run up to the show.  Exciting times!

Art Appreciation July 23 2013, 0 Comments

Whilst I do love art in all its forms the one talent that continually amazes me is some peoples gift for drawing and painting, probably because I possess neither!

I have put together in this blog some of the creations that still blow my mind, there are times when I cant believe that these are not photographic images.


Take this drawing for example, a 3D sketch by artist Joaquim Jose Maio Cruz, simply stunning.

Or Franco Clun's pencil on watercolour paper sketch, it looks so much like a black and white photograph, its only when you blow it up you can see the pencil lines around the beard.

Or Samuel Silva's ballpoint pen sketch, ballpoint pen?? Amazing


Some of the latest Wedding Trends from America July 15 2013, 0 Comments

Just wanted to share some of the latest Wedding trends that are filtering through from the US this year.

  • Brooch Bouquets -  these are a really pretty take on the traditional bouquet, I have seen them in De Stafford on Exchequer Street


  •  Cute I Do crystal stickers for the soles of your shoes 


 Couture Birdcage Veils



Rustic Style Wedding Cakes


Whats your favourite?

White Gold: What is it? June 22 2013, 1 Comment

I have been asked so often about this subject that it prompted me to write this post about it. White gold is not a naturally occurring metal, it is made by alloying yellow gold in various proportions with other white metal alloys to create a "whitish" gold.


For example a very common grade of metal used in this country is 18ct white gold. 18ct white gold is made up of 18 parts of yellow gold and 6 parts of other white metal alloys. The finished metal is made up of 24 parts in total, 18 of which are yellow gold so naturally the finished product has a yellowish hue, this is the natural colour to 18ct white gold.  In order to give it its bright white finish it has to be rhodium plated, a process of plating rhodium (a platinum alloy) to the white gold to make it white.

As this is a plating process it does wear off revealing the natural colour underneath. I would recommend replating your 18ct white gold rings perhaps once or maybe even twice a year depending on how hard wearing you are on your jewellery.


14ct white gold would need to be plated less often as it is 14 parts yellow gold and therefore less yellowish to start with. I hope this has been helpful and not too technical. Ill explain the rhodium plating process in the next blog. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Barry Doyle Design Jewellers on Upstarts Programme on Dublin City Fm June 14 2013, 1 Comment

Dublin City Fm 103.2


Had my first ever in studio interview complete with headphones, and an engineer behind a glass shield, nerve racking stuff this live radio business, but I must say I really enjoyed it.

Upstarts is a terrific show hosted by Andy & Kelly, each week they take a look at what is new and innovative in the city and provide useful information as well as expert hints and tips, to anyone starting a new business, community or any venture.

Great show and great exposure for Barry Doyle Design Jewellers, thanks very much to Andy and Kelly

Here's a podcast of the show:

Barry Doyle Design wins The Public Vote Award June 10 2013, 0 Comments

Im delighted and not just a little bit proud to announce that we won the Best Clicktailer award as voted by you the public.  

Its always great to win an award but its a privilege when the award is given based on the support from your customer.

Many thanks again to all of our customers.

Addrianna & Barry

The Do's & Don'ts with Wedding Toasts June 03 2013, 0 Comments

The wedding toast, a chance for the best man to humiliate you or the maid of honour to tell all...You cant control everything that happens on your wedding day but you can make sure that its not a complete disaster by following these tips that we have learned from our brides over the years.

D0 -      Decide whether you even want speeches in the first place.  How many weddings have you been to where the speeches 

             were frankly boring, kept your guests from their dinner or simply went on for far too long?

DON'T - Be swayed by tradition - Father of the Bride followed by Maid of Honour followed by Best Man and finally the Groom, you 

              don't have to follow tradition, if someone else tells a much better story then ask them if they would like to make a speech

DO -      Choose people that you trust, and those that are comfortable making speeches, its not for everyone and you don't want

             someone taking the mike and then bottling it as soon as they are in the limelight!


If the worst comes to the worst and someone does end up humiliating you or saying something you are not happy about, keep your dignity and remember although it may be embarrassing now it will be forgotten about in the next ten minutes!

Do you have any embarrassing stories or memorable moments from you own wedding or from other weddings, please leave a comment below.

Launch May 23 2013, 0 Comments


Well here it is, one month of blood, sweat and few tears and our brand new website is live!

Its been a very steep learning curve, from photography to web design and logisitcs to digital marketing, but we've enjoyed every minute of the experience!

The website is and I'm sure will always be a work in progress, we will be adding new jewellery pieces on a daily basis as this is just the foundation.

As always we welcome your comments, requests and questions. 

Don't forget to like our facebook page, feel free to share any of the jewellery that catches your eye and sign up for our newsletter by adding your email address in the subscribe box at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support to our business

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