The Do's & Don'ts with Wedding Toasts

Posted by Addrianna Doyle on

The wedding toast, a chance for the best man to humiliate you or the maid of honour to tell all...You cant control everything that happens on your wedding day but you can make sure that its not a complete disaster by following these tips that we have learned from our brides over the years.

D0 -      Decide whether you even want speeches in the first place.  How many weddings have you been to where the speeches 

             were frankly boring, kept your guests from their dinner or simply went on for far too long?

DON'T - Be swayed by tradition - Father of the Bride followed by Maid of Honour followed by Best Man and finally the Groom, you 

              don't have to follow tradition, if someone else tells a much better story then ask them if they would like to make a speech

DO -      Choose people that you trust, and those that are comfortable making speeches, its not for everyone and you don't want

             someone taking the mike and then bottling it as soon as they are in the limelight!


If the worst comes to the worst and someone does end up humiliating you or saying something you are not happy about, keep your dignity and remember although it may be embarrassing now it will be forgotten about in the next ten minutes!

Do you have any embarrassing stories or memorable moments from you own wedding or from other weddings, please leave a comment below.

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