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Handmade Ogham Pendant
Celtic Ogham Pendant
Silver Ogham  Pendant

Silver Ogham Pendant

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Ogham writing, (pronounced Ohm), was a system or written communication used by ancient Celts.

 Each letter has a number of strokes crossing a centre line.  Ogham was carved in stone pillars and reads from bottom to top.  

This pendant is an artistic interpretation of these ancient ogham pillars, with each series of strokes representing a different letter of the Ogham alphabet.  

The beauty of this pendant is that it incorporates rich Irish ancestory with a private and personal message known only to the wearer.

You can choose the message:

  1. Grá go Deo, meaning Love Forever (written in Ogham) 
  2.  Anam Cara, meaning Soul Mate (written in Ogham)

Pendant Details

  • Sterling Silver
  • Approx 2" in length
  • 18" sterling silver link chain
  • Hallmarked (your guarantee of quality)
  • Packaged in our elegant boxes