Silver Torc Choker

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This Torc Choker is based on the beautiful jewellery found in the National Museum of Ireland.  The Celts used the torc as an important indicator of wealth and status.  Historians say that they may have been designed to be worn permanently.  The are generally worn with the opening to the front just at the collar bone as in the picture below.

Our torc is 5mm round solid sterling silver and should be worn by sliding it on the neck from the back. It has sterling silver coiled wire detail and 11 mm sterling silver beads at the end.

We make them in three different sizes small, medium and large, the one shown in the image is a small and measures approx 360mm.  If you are unsure how to confirm your size just email us.

  • 5mm solid sterling silver
  • High Polish finish
  • Available in small (average ladies size) medium or large
  • Contact us if you are not sure which size to choose